About the Visa Centre

1. Background to the establishment of the Visa Center
China’s rapid opening up in recent years, amid the ongoing globalization process, has led to a remarkable increase in its people-to-people exchanges with other countries, creating a great demand for Chinese visas.
Chinese visa authorities have been working hard to improve the quality of their visa services; however, with limited staff and available space, many have become overwhelmed with the increasing quantity of visa applications.
In recent years, many countries facing such problems have chosen to introduce the Visa Application Service Center system offering a wider range of more efficient services to visa applicants; Chinese visa authorities handling a large quantity of visa applications in certain key countries decided to follow this trend.
Up to now, dozens of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Visa Center”) have been thus established in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America to provide quality Chinese visa services.
2.What the Visa Center offers
The Visa Center is a commercial service organization registered in accordance with local laws and regulations and recognized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General to handle the daily routine work of processing ordinary visa applications. However, it operates independently of diplomatic missions and is neither a branch nor an affiliated organ. Its main services are:
(1) To receive visa applicants and ensure their application documents meet Chinese Government requirements for smooth processing in the various visa categories.
(2) To provide applicants with intermediate business services, including computer entry of basic information, and transmission of the passport, visa, and other application documents between the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General and the applicant.
(3) To collect visa fees, whether for regular or express service in accordance with the requirements of Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General and, on their behalf, deliver the passport and visa to the applicant.
(4) To provide the applicant with other necessary services in accordance with requirements of Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General.
3. How the Visa Center benefits visa applicants
(1) GOOD LOCATION: In order to provide applicants with a welcoming environment for visa applicants and easy access, the Visa Centers are usually located in top-grade commercial buildings in convenient locations in major cities of each host country.
(2) FULL USE OF NETWORK TECHNOLOGY: The Visa Centers have their own websites providing up-to-date online information, online consultation, online form completion and online visa application status query services.
(3) STEPS TO REDUCE WAITING TIMES: In order to ensure efficient application processing and promote quality service, the Visa Centers normally use an online appointment system and queuing ticket machines installed in their reception areas. This is especially helpful in ensuring waiting times are short even during peak application periods.
(4) CUSTOMER-ORIENTED: The Visa Centers work hard to be fully focused on applicants' needs. In order to facilitate the receipt and processing of applications, they open sufficient windows to provide quality service. In the reception lobby, there is a receptionist responsible for guiding applicants and providing on-site consulting services; special windows are also provided for travel agencies and physically challenged applicants, and a VIP room is designed for distinguished guests or other applicants with special needs. In addition, applicants can obtain all kinds of visa information from leaflets and posters and enjoy visa consultation services through telephone, fax, and email.
(5) CONSTANT MONITORING: Through a Visa Application Processing & Integrated Service Platform, the operation and management center can monitor all Visa Centers’ operations and services in real time so as to provide rapid technical support and handle operational emergencies as well as service quality monitoring.
4. Operating Company of the Visa Center
The Visa Center is operated by CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE V CENTER S.R.L. and its operation conforms strictly with the relevant laws of ROMANIA
5. Trademarks of the Visa Center
The Logos of the Visa Center (including and ) are trademarks legally approved and registered in Bucharest, and are under the protection of the relevant laws and regulations of Bucharest. Any infringement on the owner’s exclusive right to use the aforementioned trademarks in any way is strictly prohibited.”
While providing you with high quality services, the Visa Center kindly reminds you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.